Outside-the-box thinking
starts with an open door.

When customers start working with Proficient Machine & Automation, they are surprised – and then delighted – by our relaxed, friendly work environment. No one needs an appointment to visit our facility to check on the status of their turnkey automation project. From the President on down, our doors (and our minds) are always open. Everyone in our organization is encouraged to think creatively and make changes that benefit our customers.

Proficient Machine & Automation views our customers as true partners during turnkey consulting and always welcomes their perspective. This synergy is critical to the success of every project, whatever the size. We provide workspace, conference rooms, and wifi for our customers so they can keep productive while on-site. Basically our customers enjoy a virtual office here and full access to the entire Proficient Machine & Automation family of talented, highly experienced team members.

In-house processes allow customers quick feedback and flexibility at every stage.

Proficient Machine and Automation’s 40,000 square foot facility incorporates on-site turnkey automation services that provide a collaborative, efficient and responsive customer experience. Our team is committed to giving customers instant feedback, which facilitates quick, sound decision-making for custom turnkey automation solutions.




Design and Engineering Software

  • Autocad
  • Solidworks
  • Inventor

Machining and Fabrication

  • CNC milling machines (4)
  • Bridgeport mills (7)
  • Lathes (2)
  • Band saws (2)
  • Surface grinder
  • Waterjet table
  • MIG-TIG welding
  • Laser etching machine
  • Deburring tumblers

Our in-house capabilities keep customer projects lean, reducing overhead.